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  Capacitor motor kind “S” open cover

Moreover we produce all the components like switchboxes, jointing elements, motor and filter supports, wiring, scrollcases, and electric plastic connection boxes.

Electronic, mechanical and slider controls for cooker hoods. The controls can be both with relays and triac managing up to 6 speeds with self-stopping motor timer.Available also with infra-red and radio remote controls.

1) joystic driver 2) back lighting 3) with remote control 4) push electronic 5) back lighting 6) chrome circle buttons 7) 4 leds 8) with watch 9) big display 10) small display 11) vertical/horizontal display 12) fat laser cut 13) remote control 14) chrome rectangular buttons 15) slim laser cut 16-17-18-19-20) mechanical slider 21-22-23) mechanical push buttons